Medialyte on ice
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Medialyte on ice

Why I’m temporarily stepping back.
Medialyte on ice

A song to read by: "Space Song," by Beach House

What I’m reading: "Geek Love," by Katherine Dunn

It's not goodbye, it's see you later

In a twist of fate, the article I wrote last week about returning to the office served as a good primer for today: A lot has changed in my life in the last several months, and I have made the decision to step away from Medialyte for the time being, at least until the start of the new year.

I am not shutting down Medialyte, nor am I leaving it for good. But, thankfully, I no longer live the same life I lived during the depths of the pandemic, and I need my newsletter-writing efforts to reflect that.

I am going into the office, to events on weeknights and on trips over the weekends. As a result, the amount of time and mental bandwidth I have been able to devote to my newsletter has dwindled, and in some ways so has my zeal to write it.

At the Dirt one-year anniversary party

In addition to my schedule vastly changing, so has the context for my writing. When I started this newsletter, I was in grad school and my goal was to find myself in a position where I could write, think, talk and debate all things media. Now, I do those things every day for Adweek, and I love it.

But you can kill something you love by doing it too much, and I don't want that to happen with my passion for the media world. So, I am taking a step back, taking a much-needed break and trying to figure out what role Medialyte can play in my post-pandemic life.

Please feel free to reach out with thoughts, questions, tips and compliments. Thank you, as always, for reading!

Some good readin'

— I got to profile David Haskell, the editor in chief of New York Magazine. Please read this! (Adweek)

— I went to Dirt's one-year anniversary last night! Hands down, Dirt is one of the most interesting, innovative media companies in the industry right now. (Dirt)

— The origin story of Benihana's! Full of so many gems, including the fact that Steve Aoki is one of his estranged children? (The Ringer)

Cover image: "Fox Leaving Cover," by James Pollard